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Company Circumstance

JMT regards researching and developing, producing and selling the electronic connector as our core business, we also established the industry merges for central relevant pluralistic strategy with 4C electron (Communication , Consumer Electronics, Computer, Automobile electronics) at the same time. Divided by mainly managing the cable connector (Terminal, Wafer, Housing), our Memory Card Connector insisting on taking the up-market route, in this field, we relies on the technological innovation ability to research and develop independently, initiating design, make, sell integrated unique business way by OBM.

In the technological research area, JMT possess a RD Team with 50 talent to make company capable of it’s innovative to research and develop by ourselves and have our own patent right.

In popularizing products aspect, with SD/MMC/MS three major kinds of memory cards, and SMC/SIM two major smart and multi-function cards, and born top/reverse type, and various inserting /push-push type for main popularizing products.

In market development, we develop our main market with Greater China economy (South China / East China / North China / Taiwan).

In domestic sale, JMT set up offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong while being serve the customer nearby.

In popularizing abroad, JMT has already set up the divided stronghold in Taipei and Taoyuan, offering build-to-order manufacturing service for the operator of the eminent of the whole world, by expanding and implementing the internationalization strategy for the main characteristic progressively practically and attach importance to our own brand overseas.

JMT insists on making the independent innovation ability of enterprises, regarding it as primary task to develop application technology of the products, JMT insists on encouraging and devoting the improvement activity to the products in an all-round way, in order to offer the best products and satisfactory service to the customer

JMT insists on the "One with the guest, Highest with the quality; People first, Honor coexist altogether " as our enterprise forever manage idea. In one hand, we use the relatively practical products as the enterprises core in quite a long time, also keep taking a broad view of the whole world, scanning widely of future ambition and vision at the same time.

Management Concept
  • Positive, persist on “customer first” principle to meet customers’ requirement
  • Professional, persist on “quality foremost” to prevent abnormity
  • Efficiency, persist on “people oriented”, encourage all staffs to participate
  • Partaker, persist on “Coexistence and Co- prosperity”, enterprise permanent operation
The Past History of Company
1993.01 Established the office at Hongkong
1993.05 Found a factory in Dongguan,Gangdong,and the Square of factory 3,000M²/capital sum:USD$1,000,000
2000.01 Produced the cable connector and related connector for FOXCONN.
2004.06 Produced the memory card connector socket
2004.06 Established the factory at Dalang, Dongguang(JUST MAKE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD)
Square of factory 23,600M²/capital sum:USD$5,000,000
2005.02 Passed SGS ISO-9001:2000
2005.11 Passed QA INTERNATION ISO-14001:2004
2006.01 Established the office at Pudong ,Shanghai
2006.02 Established the office at Beijing
2006.02 Design the products,including of
(Micro SD&MMC push-push)/(Micro SD&MMC+SIM)/(Micro SD&MMC to SD) )
(5 in 1 SD push-push stand on&off)
2006.10 Through the SGS QC-080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management System Certification
2007.11 The foundation of Shenzhen Office in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province of China
2008.04 Formal cooperation with SONNY,and access to SANYO "HSM Green Partner Certificate"
2009.04 The company full implement the spirit of3Q6S
2009.07 Get the Certificates of recognition of TUV, EICC
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