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The mould process equipment
High speed wire cut machine
Slow speed wire cut machine
Electron Discharge Machining
Drilling machine
Milling machine
Accurate grinding machine
Manufacture equipment
Automatic ejection former
Vertical ejection former
Automatic sequential stamping machine
Automatic assembling machine
Automatic cutting terminal machine
pneumatic cutting terminal machine
Automatic painting machine
Automatic net board printer
Pneumatic riveting machine
Tterminal contacts electricity examining machine
Ultrasonic binding machine
The tin foot even examining machine
The environments of quality insurance
Dependable test lab
Mold examination room
Feeding/Pre-shipment goods examination room
examination room
examination room
Finished product assembly examination room
Mechanical test device of environment
Constant temperature & moisture test device
Cold &hold impact test device
Steam aging test device
Heat aging test device
Reflow soldering test device
Single-arm drop test device
Mechanical vibr-ation test device
Tumbling Barrel Test Machine
Pull of test machine
Automatic connect testing machine
High frequency & other tester of electronic
Contact resistance tester
Withstand-voltage tester
Electronic integrated tester
Insulation resistance tester
Card-reading tester
2.5 Dimension measurement tester
Marble terrace
Electronic microscope
Hardness tester
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