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Competition advantage
  1. Products mold are all researched and designed by oneself , made the new products presented on the market in a short time, and guaranteed the product quality . when complaint by customer, we can take adequate corrective action to prevent recurrence of reported failures and quality problems in a timely fashion.
  2. Products mold are all manufactured and made up by oneself , accomplished the new mold in a short time, and guaranteed the product quality . when designs are changed, we are sure that they are repaired in a short time.
  3. Products mold and fabricating are made by oneself . and its sure to manufacture very smooth and delivery. If meet customer’s urgent deliveries, we can satisfy demands in a short time.
  4. Puality requirements (QC , QE , QA , Lab) according to ISO, it is to conform to the international regul-ations of various products, assure the quality and reduce customer’s complaints
  5. The control of capital and goods (manufactured controlled , materials controlled , storage , purchase ) according to ERP , we can meet purchase orders with each customers ,delivery on time and reduce customer and Line failures.
  6. Sales in the market there are sales outlets of business in south china , east china, north china and Taiwan . accord with the basic attitude of the customer service, guarantee market demand inform-ation is accurate immediately, and reduce the product development risk .
The feat over the years
Accomplishment in Future
Status Quo of Produce
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